About E-Commerce Signal

E-Commerce Signal was founded by David Limon in 2012.

Having built the full scale e-commerce website www.MissionRS.com in 2002 and growing it to a multimillion dollar online presence, Limon learned every aspect of running an online business including Online Marketing, SEO, PPC Marketing, Programming, Comparison Shopping Feeds, On-Site Search Optimization, CMS Installation and Management, Fraud Prevention, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Retarget Marketing, Analytics, Copywriting, Competitive Analysis, Freight Logistics, Drop-Shipping, Product Merchandising, Personnel Management, Managing Large Budgets, Vendor Negotiations, Purchasing, International Purchasing, Sales, etc….

After 20 years in the Foodservice industry and being an integral part of two companies growth online and off-line (www.MissionRS.com and www.AceMart.com), Limon felt maybe his talents would be best utilized helping multiple websites in need.

Late 2012 Limon took the plunge into entrepreneurship and finally, E-Commerce Signal was born!

About David Limon

As early as 7 years old I remember being an analytical thinker (of course, I didn’t realize it then). I was such a curious kid, I had to know how and why things worked.

I was constantly taking radios, T.V.’s, and anything else I could get my hands on apart to figure out how they worked. I couldn’t afford books, so I spent countless hours in Radio Shack reading and learning about resistors, transistors, capacitors, and many other electronic components. By 8, I had a solder gun and could read schematics well enough to make my own little projects. I decided I wanted to be an inventor and made all kinds of things over the next few years. Glasses with flashing LED lights, a robot head that could be worn with flashing lights, made noises, and had a light that lit up when you spoke, radios, and numerous other gadgets that only a kid would find interesting.

Coming from a family of nine children, we were very poor growing up. Our summers were spent as migrant workers chopping weeds in cotton fields to make ends meet. At 9 years old I remember working 12 hours shifts in the hundred degree weather of Lubbock, Texas and doing so proudly.

As grueling as this work was, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The value I gained from this hard work along with my analytical thought process and desire to excel at everything I do, has led me to where I am today, an entrepreneur in pursuit of making life better for those around me.

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