2002: David Limon single handedly built an online store for his employer using Miva Merchant and in that 1st year generated just over $1MM in revenue. He managed every aspect from web development, SEO, SEM, CSE, PPC advertising, feed management, loading products, copywriting, graphics, setup freight logistics, purchasing, drop shipping, setup an overseas importing program, and even answered the customer service phones. Over the next 10 years the web store grew into a multi-million dollar source of income for the company and the web team grew exponentially.

2012: David left the company to start my his own business to help business owners grow their Miva Merchant store (and any other platform) using the Miva and e-commerce knowledge he have gained over the years.

January 1, 2013: E-commerce Signal was born.

Today: E-Commerce Signal consists of David and a small team with low overhead so they can offer competitive rates to help with your web development, Miva store management, and e-commerce growth needs.